Staging Your Home for Success

Bob Wahl
Bob Wahl
Published on May 10, 2018

Staging Your Home St. Louis

How can you stage your home to sell more quickly and for more money? What are the most important aspects of the home that need to be addressed before pictures are taken and potential buyers come to see it? Andrea Lenzen from Dezign to Sell in St. Louis tells us the secrets of staging your home for success!

Andrea’s business Dezign to Sell is a comprehensive service that fills in the gap for real estate agents when it comes to decorating a home to get it ready for sale. Her job is not to make the home look good for the people who are currently living there, but for the buyers. She must give the buyers the illusion when they walk in that, “this is home.” It’s challenging to make a lived-in home look like it’s ready to be moved in by anyone who sees it, but Andrea uses this process:

Staging Your Home for Success

Consultation – Andrea meets with the clients and gives them a full consultation. She gives them a wealth of information up front, like a list of charities that will pick up old items, a checklist to get ready for the photographer, and more.

The Walk Through – Andrea goes through each room and makes suggestions for what to remove, change, or move. She also suggests paint colors for the rooms and accessories to include. This can take up to two hours depending on the size of the home.

Depersonalizing – The goal is to make the buyer to visualize themselves in the home, which means removing personal items like family pictures and certain belongings.

Decluttering – The longer a family has lived in a home, the more likely they have a large accumulation of stuff. Andrea works with a professional organizer if the clutter is in need of serious help.

Replacing furniture – Andrea works with a furniture rental company so that if her clients have outdated or worn furniture, she can choose something newer and trendier to set the stage for the buyers.

About Andrea

As a real estate professional for over 30 years, Andrea saw how challenging it was for sellers to get their homes ready to put on the market. She recognized that there was a real need to help realtors advise sellers on what they needed to do to get their home market-ready quickly. Most home buyers begin their search online. Without an attractive digital presence, a seller’s home may be passed over at first glance. Staging the home before listing can lead to wonderful photos that give you the visual edge you need to get buyers through a client’s door.

Preparing a home to sell can be a very stressful and overwhelming task. Andrea has learned how attached sellers are to their personal belongings and how difficult it is for them to pack them away.  Sellers need to understand the importance of depersonalizing their home in order to appeal to the widest range of buyers. There is truly an art in how to approach clients and explain to them the many benefits of home staging for a quicker sale.


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