Smart Home Technology for the Outdoors

Bob Wahl
Bob Wahl
Published on June 22, 2018

On this episode Kevin Burnley from Creative Audio Video and Automation of St. Louis is back to talk more about smart home technology! Last time we went over indoor smart home technology for beginners. This time we are discussing awesome options for your backyard like TVs, speakers, subwoofers, and security cams. Check out all the cool things you can control from your smartphone.

Smart Home Technology for the Outdoors

As we went over in Kevin Burnley’s last interview, smart home technology can be used to control your indoor lighting, thermostat, garage door, television, music, and security system. Smart home technology can also be used outside your home on your patio and around your pool area. For instance, you can install:

  • outdoor lighting
  • outdoor speakers
  • weatherproof TV
  • security cameras

These items can all be controlled from your device. You can choose your favorite TV channel, select your Pandora music playlist, brighten or dim the lighting, and view your security cameras from anywhere in the world.

Outdoor Smart Home Options

The weather in the St. Louis area varies greatly. It’s important to use electronics that are made for the outdoors to avoid dangerous circumstances like shorts and fires. Kevin brought several products to show us.

  • The weatherproof TV – These weatherproof TVs can withstand snow, sleet, hail, and even a baseball bat. Kevin demonstrated his weatherproof TVs toughness by literally hosing it down.
  • Landscape audio – These speakers and subwoofers are also weatherproof and are designed to be partly buried in the ground so they are nearly invisible.
  • Hardscape audio – Kevin and his team can also install speakers and subwoofers that blend in with your fence, wall, or other hard surfaces.

What will it look and sound like?

Creative Audio Video and Automation has a portable demo set that they will bring and set up at your house so you can experience what it will be like with your outdoor smart home entertainment and lighting effects! They offer a turnkey service that includes the Control 4 system, all weatherproof audio and visual equipment, and installation.

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Smart Home Technology for the Outdoors
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