Smart Home Technology for Beginners

Bob Wahl
Bob Wahl
Published on February 22, 2018

Smart home technology can be intimidating for many homeowners, but it can be simplified with an integrated system. On this episode, I’m talking with Kevin Burnley​ with Creative Audio Video and Automation​ about the basics of smart home technology and some awesome smart home options.

About Creative Audio Video and Automation

Creative Audio Video and Automation is the premier Custom Home Theater, Audio Video and Automation dealer in the St Louis area. They are locally owned and operated bringing over 45 years of combined experience in the industry offering the very best in service, expert advice, installation and top product lines.

From the initial meeting to the press of a single button on a custom programmed remote control that brings a new system to life, their entire process is tailored to fit their customer’s specific needs. They work with closely to learn about each home, specific needs of the customers, and expectations. They discuss the variety of systems and possibilities that offer the latest in technology. Once you decide on your system, they take care of the rest, leaving you free to sit back and enjoy the show.

Smart Home Systems

The basis of Creative Audio Video and Automation’s smart home technology is a collaboration of several systems working together. Your local hardware store, Lowe’s, or Home Depot sells smart home solutions for elements such as lighting, thermostat, and garage door openers, but they are sold separately and each have their own app to manage controls and settings. The beauty of Creative Audio Video and Automation’s service is that they install a Control4 System which integrates all components into on simple to use interface.

Smart Home Options

Among the most popular functions available to control via a smart home system are:

  • Lighting
  • Thermostat
  • Garage Door
  • Television
  • Music
  • Security System

Smart Home Scenes

Smart home scenes are default settings for certain daily scenarios.

  • Home–the lighting, temperature setting, and electronics you usually have on when you are at home.
  • Away–hit the away button and you can have the thermostat raised or lowered (depending on the season) to save on energy. Lighting and electronics will be shut off. The garage door will be closed in case you’ve forgotten, and your security system will be initiated.
  • Goodnight–with the press of the button, shut everything down for the night. This can also be set to close the garage door and initiate the security system, which many forget to ever use. Now it will be done automatically for you.

Smart Home System Costs

Each system is a flat $350 with no recurring fee. Then options may be added. Also, if you already have some existing smart home technology, it can be integrated with the new system so that everything is centralized in one easy-to-use interface.

Creative Audio Video and Automation is also an authorized dealer of some of the best brands in the industry such as Sony, Samsung, and Yamaha. They offer lower prices on the electronics you will use in your smart home than the big box stores–plus better service, warranties, and advice!

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Smart Home Technology for Beginners
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