Top 10 Moving Tips for Home Buyers

Bob Wahl
Bob Wahl
Published on February 9, 2018

Today we have Stacy Isermann with STL Rent A Box helping home buyers with AWESOME moving tips!

STL Rent A Box makes moving cost effective, easy, fast, & organized while reducing our carbon footprint by using recyclable green materials. Stacy is going to share a condensed version of the checklist they provide on their website.

Top 10 Moving Tips

  1. Purge – You don’t want to waste time packing things you won’t use in your new location. Get rid of clothes, medicines, dry goods, toys, and toiletries. Go through the items in your shed and garage. You can donate many things to charity. Most organizations will pick up. Apply donations to your taxes as a deduction. Do whatever you can to eliminate clutter.
  2. Gather valuables – Your home will be available to other people once it’s listed. Secure your jewelry and firearms. Lock them in a safe box or remove them from the home. You can have a friend or relative keep them until the move is over.
  3. Papers and documents – Gather appliance manuals, warranties, paint swatches, and utility bills. This information is a great asset for your agent and the new homeowners.
  4. Decide on how you will pack – Will you pack yourself? Or are you interested in hiring a professional organizer who will make the process seamless? Some services will pack along with you and others can pack all your belongings while you’re out for the day.
    Once you decide how you will pack, you can determine whether you will use professional movers. This may be the best option to avoid damage and protect your property in the case of damages. If you pack with Rent A Box, they can move your boxes for you.
    Note: Make sure your mover is licensed and bonded.
  5. Prevent spills – When packing, make sure all liquids are in sealable bags. Shampoos, conditioners, jars with lids, food, or anything that can leak. You don’t want a mess when you unpack the box or for leaks and spills to ruin other things. Drain oil from lawnmowers and gardening equipment. 
  6. Appliances – Disconnect hoses from washers and store them inside the machine. If you’re taking your refrigerator with you, make sure you unplug it and defrost it 24 hours prior to the move.
  7. Breakables – Pack your breakables, like china and heirlooms, so there is little to no movement in the box. You can mix them with linens, towels, or packing materials. Wrap each item individually. The extra work will pay off when you arrive at your new home with everything intact.
  8. Don’t pack everything – Leave a special box for the things you will need on moving day. You will need clothing, medications, and personal items. You will also want to leave a vacuum and some cleaning supplies to do one final polish before leaving.
  9. Label every box – Make sure you have labels or sharpies. Decide on a system so it will be easy to unpack on the other side. Labeling by room helps movers to know where to leave the boxes.
  10. Have someone else do a complete walk through – You’re accustomed to being in your home and you may not notice items you’ve left behind. Before you close the door forever, have someone with a fresh pair of eyes look in every space and corner to make sure it’s completely clear.

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Top 10 Moving Tips for Home Buyers
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