6 Home Security Tips

Bob Wahl
Bob Wahl
Published on March 16, 2018

Home security tips st. louis

Today I have Robbie Springman with ADT-Secure24 Alarm Systems in St. Louis on the show to talk about six simple but powerful tips for home security.

6 Home Security Tips

  1. Don’t make yourself a target.

Burglars like easy targets. The most important thing to remember is not to make it convenient for them to break into your house. Heavy objects, like yard tools and shovels, could be picked up and used to bust a lock or break a window. Leaving a ladder out could help them get access to upper floors. Make sure these items are stowed away.  

  1. Exterior maintenance.

Not only is exterior maintenance important for the looks of your home, it’s essential security too. Trim bushes around windows and walkways where it might be a place for burglars to hide. If you’re going out of town, you don’t want people to think you’re not home. Don’t leave trash, door flyers, or newspapers out. Have your neighbors pick up your any mail and packages that may be left at the door.  

  1. Keep your house lit.

At night, you can use a motion detector to trigger lights. Keep all pathways and the front door well lit. Burglars will be less tempted to hang around in the light.  

  1. Carbon monoxide/smoke detectors and radon.

You can’t see, smell, or taste carbon monoxide. A detector can save your life and your family’s lives before it’s too late. Radon is another risk. It’s the second leading cause of lung cancer in the US, and you won’t know it’s there until it’s too late. You can learn all about radon testing and mitigation in our Radon Series.  

  1. Have a plan.

Make sure you have a plan for any situation. Know the best room to go into for earthquake or tornado. Map out your evacuation routes. Keep supplies on hand. Also, be aware of your surroundings. Familiarize yourself with your neighbors and the usual cars that pass by, especially if you have kids. Then you will notice suspicious vehicles. Add neighbors on social media to keep in communication, but don’t broadcast any plans that you’re going out of town. Warn your spouse and children not to post any vacation or travel pictures until you return home.  

  1. Put in a security system.

Install contacts on windows and doors. Hook up motion detectors inside the home. Use smart home technology to automate your lighting and turn lights on in various rooms while you’re away to give the impression that someone is in the house.


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6 Home Security Tips
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