Help with Buying a Franchise in St. Louis

Bob Wahl
Bob Wahl
Published on June 29, 2018

Today Jeremy Hodess with Capstone Franchise Consulting tells us all about investing in franchises. Capstone Franchise Consulting is a full service franchise brokerage firm here in St. Louis. They help entrepreneurs identify, research, invest, and succeed with a franchise. The key is to find the franchise that’s the best match for an entrepreneur’s skills, goals, and budget. Capstone further ensures success by wrapping the needed resources around the franchisee through their strategic partnerships.

Capstone’s 6 Step Process to Buying a Franchise in St. Louis

  1. Their experts thoroughly assess your strengths, motivations and goals.
  2. They search hundreds of franchise concepts to identify select brands that best meet your needs.
  3. They present these franchises to you along with an explanation as to how they fit your skills and goals.
  4. When you are ready, they introduce you to the franchise personnel who will help you understand the franchise concept(s) you’ve decided to explore more fully.
  5. They provide research tools to aide your investigation, and we link you with funding sources and franchise attorneys as needed.
  6. You make an informed decision and launch your new business!

Franchise Trends

The Baby Boomer generation is growing older, and a huge portion of the St. Louis area population is in retirement or is going to be in retirement. This means that growth in any business that touches or serves the senior community is promising.

Senior care franchises who provide home health services are popular, but there are other ways to serve this growing market, which will be a valid for years to come.

Benefits of Using Franchise Consulting Services

Buying a franchise is a big investment and it can be scary. Capstone has extensively vetted partners in St. Louis and throughout the nation. They work with business bankers, franchise lawyers, and business coaches to make sure the new franchisee succeeds. They guide you through the entire process of due diligence to make a highly informed decision.

Cost for Franchise Consulting Services

Franchisors use brokers like Capstone to find good candidates and pay them a success fee whenever their franchise is sold.For the entrepreneur, there is no cost to use franchise consulting services like Capstone. They will never pay more for working with them, so why go it alone?

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